Massage with Jenesis

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I had the pleasure of meeting Jenesis a few weeks ago.

A couple weeks prior I started a thread asking about recommendations for a relaxing massage with a HE. I didn’t want to go to a MP and deal with the up-sells since I wasn’t after any extras so I was looking for an independent. Luckily (and to my surprise) Jenesis contacted me saying she offers massage. We’ve had some discussions in the past via PM on other topics and I’ve been interested in meeting her since. For what ever reason it just never happened so this was perfect timing! After some communications back and forth the date was set. As is typical she asked me to confirm in the AM and then sent me the general location. She hosts out of a private location in north Whitby which is discrete with multiple parking options. When I got there I sent a text and immediately got a response back with the specifics.

Jenesis greeted me at the door with a hug and kiss. When she opened the door the first thing I noticed is she is very pretty. She had asked me previously if I had an attire request, I don’t think I’d even know what to ask for anyway so I left it at “surprise me”. I’m a sucker for a pretty face so that held my attention and I never really got a good look at what she was wearing but I can confidently say it was black.

Jenesis asked if I wanted to sit for a bit or go straight to the massage. I wasn’t expecting that so I probably seemed confused for a moment, I think she sensed that and motioned me upstairs. In hind sight I wish I’d taken the offer to sit and talk for a bit – hopefully next time. I was offered a shower and I accepted. She handed me a clean towel and even started the shower for me. She also had a basket of toiletries available with everything you might need which was a classy touch.

The massage table is a professional table and is in one of the bedrooms. I took my towel off and got on. Jenesis  asked about all the details I wanted for the massage… pressure, any specific areas, etc.. I just wanted a soft relaxing sensual massage and I was not disappointed. Back, legs, arms, hands, feet, it was a thorough massage and of course a little teasing along the way. I was then told to flip over expecting the obvious but instead I got more massage all over again which was a nice surprise, the teasing was definitely better too!

I didn’t notice when she did it but she pulled her tits out of her outfit and stood at the end of the table as if to tempt me. She crawled onto the table and slid those tits across my dick and up my body until she put them in my face. I had to take the opportunity suck on those nipples! Then she leaned in for a short DFK. I would have liked to spend a lot more time there but a taste is all I got… it was only supposed to be a massage session after all so that was an awesome bonus! Definitely made me want to book a more inclusive session with her!

There was a nice transition from the massage into the HJ with more and more teasing. I don’t know exactly what she was doing because I had my eyes closed most of the time but it was driving me crazy. Jenesis brought me to the edge of cumming a few times but always sensed when to slow down or stop. I love orgasm denial because it’s so erotic and makes the finish last longer, and more explosive.

The build up was amazing and when the time came she whispered instructions to me to cum. I didn’t stand a chance and I exploded. She kept going for a bit after I came too which is another one of those things I love… probably something to do with being so sensitive.

Jenesis took care of all the clean up. She offered me another shower and another fresh towel. For a massage with a HE this is easily my best experience to date. It was exactly what I was looking for. Jenesis asked me to come back some time for “more fun” which I definitely intend to take her up on. She doesn’t list this service on her website but the donation for the massage was $150 for 1hr. So worth it! I got another hug and kiss good bye and I was on my way.

Thanks again J for a wonderful time!

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