An amazing experience with Jenesis

by | Aug 4, 2019 | 0 comments

I had the greatest pleasure (like, tons of pleasure) to meet sexy Jenesis last week for 2 hours.

First of all, the link:

Communication with Jenesis is very good.Taking the time to read her web site helps. First contact is by email.

Her place is very easy accessible with free parking. Clean, nice, cozy, and practical. Two thumbs up.

I was a bit nervous before opening the door. Her web site stated no age, only “mature”. Being a gentleman, I never ask a lady for her age. Thankfully, I liked who was behinf the door the instant I laid my eyes on her. Jenesis is exactly the kind of girl I like to be around. Sexy face, sexy body. Generous curves, gorgeous eyes, pretty face, boobs and ass made for grabbing. I would say she is in her early 40’s.

Session started on her couch with a little chat. Then I asked her to straddle me. I meant to kiss her, but she unwrapped her boobs for me, and then I was quite busy kissing her lips and boobs for a while. Jenesis is a good kisser and there was a lot of kissking during our session, which I liked a lot. After that itinital make out session on the couch, she took my upstairs to her lair.

I love to kiss, caress, and fuck that kind of boobs, and Jenesis was more than happy to olibge. Jenesis is also a fast cummer, and I had a lot of fun making her cum with my mouth between her legs. Several times.Her bbbj technique is solid. FS was also very well done, switching positions a few times. I also liked to have Jenesis crawl on the bed towards me. The visual (face and boobs) was simply stunning. I get hard just thinking about it.

I spend 2 hours with her, but that was far from enough. She has toys we did not use, positions we did not try, and there is a shower curtain and a bottle of ioil watiting for me for our next session.

I would like to close this review by saying that Jenesis is a very sexy, curvacious type of mature lady that is a lot of fun to be with.

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