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Jenesis has been on my TDL for quite some time, and she is working again now after taking a covid hiatus. Even better, she decided to tour to Peterborough. So, I eagerly went through her screening process, and made arrangements for a visit on her first day here. (Sorry if I ruined her for any of the rest of you, but I’m just that good.)

The hotel was not one of the commonly used ones in Peterborough, but avoiding the front desk was easy – she just met me outside in street clothes. Between that and the pre-screening, the typical first meeting nervousness wasn’t there. It felt like I was just meeting someone who was already a regular.

I don’t normally give play by play accounts, but I will say the overall experience was definitely GFE with PSE services. This girl loves kissing – we starting making out the second the door closed. It was only after a couple minutes of this (or a couple hours, not really sure), that we took care of the necessities and landed on the bed.

She’s very responsive to DATY, tasty, and multi orgasmic. This girl cums fast and hard once you get to work. Unfortunately for me, her oral skills were better than my self control, so I didn’t get to the main event, and we spent the rest of the session between making out and chatting instead. All in all a very fun and relaxing time, and a definite repeat.

Jenesis is definitely a MILF, but she looks a lot younger than she is, especially once she takes off her glasses. She’s also well padded (not a BBW), so if you want a spinner look elsewhere. Just check out her website ( for the details before you try to book her


Review written on TERB by justplainbob – click here to view. 

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