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Please note the title of the review was different. As a joke, it was labelled “An Really Dreadful Awful Horrible Experience”

Did that get your attention? After so many disappointing no-shows and some support here on Terb, I decided to try something a little different and met up with our very own Jenesis for one of the best experiences yet! Located in north Whitby around Taunton in a fully furnished private residence with a professional yet homey feel.

I’ve reviewed a number of TOFTT ladies but Jenesis is well known here so let me clarify a few things first. Jenesis is a successful businesswoman with a side hobby she loves just as much. Her sessions are not rushed but someone short on time may be disappointed as she enjoys the verbal and intellectual stimulation as much as the physical, I had the time so I spent a good 2 hours with Jessica with a whole half hour spent just chatting like good friends. Take it or leave it I enjoy it and would have stayed much longer if I hadn’t had to leave for work maybe next time. Her screening methods are a little more in-depth than many ladies I’ve seen but it also assured me she was legit and took the appointment seriously.

Enough of the boring!
Jenesis is a wonderful full figured woman precisely as she describes herself on her website but in my opinion, she looks even better and younger in person by far. Her personality is warm inviting flirty and ever infectious and in the bedroom, insatiable. Jenesis was enthusiastic and gave an amazing girlfriend experience like few others I’ve met leaving me craving more which she happily obliged. Passionate, that is how I would describe Jenesis and my experience with her it felt raw and real and left me satisfied and craving more at the same time.

Jenesis does not have a “menu” but tailored the session for maximum enjoyment for the both of us which I loved and since I don’t have many preferences we tried quite a few things. Passionate kissing BJ dining and sex that left a huge wet spot on her bed and her having to steady herself to reach the other side of the room, her twitching and squirming made the pleasure she felt as enjoyable for me as for her. Finished with a massage and yet another release just as enjoyable as the first on a proper massage table set up in the same room with all the usual oils towels lotions and such available and then some. Jenesis also has a number of kinks and toys like fuzzy handcuffs feathers and even a big vibrator proudly on show nearby but I’m sad to say they were wholly ignored this time we didn’t need it. My only disappointment apart from not being able to stay longer was I missed her rain and didn’t get to catch any of it before it hit the sheets!

All in all 5 stars across the board will definitely repeat! I will see you again soon!

I couldn’t find star icons you get 5 rounds of applause instead!


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