Thanks for coming to Peterborough Jenesis

by | Oct 31, 2021 | 0 comments

Finally had a chance to connect up with the talented Jenesis in Peterborough before she headed home…. or perhaps for some butter tarts to recharge her energy.

Communication was easy through txt & she was staying at a nice hotel with no issues….. even grabbed a coffee on the way out.
WE have chatted several times over the years but never connected in person. Since she made the effort to travel closer, the least I could do is drive also to meet her to save me the extra driving.
Jenesis loves to kiss & make out like a teenager & had a blast exploring each other in many ways.

She knows how to please & loves to be pleased, so it was a win -win in many ways for us.
She shared she loved morning sex & it showed. I was able to open the flood gates a few times through various actions. In between rounds we chatted about various topics & found out that we know someone else who is now retired, but I have very fond memories of SPJ. Thanks for bringing back those great memories from times gone by with her.
Conversation flowed easy & then Jenesis took charge for a bit until I offered a suggestion & teased her that if she is such a strong business woman, she should be able to perform her magic while I distract her elsewhere…. it was pure bliss in many ways. MSOG are encouraged & completed, although she said she had a few more than me. But I’m ok with that, as it was fun & very enjoyable.

thanks again for the road trip coming closer to me.
Stay safe & have fun until we reconnect.



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