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I must admit that I have a bit of “chemistry check-list” for lovers that I choose to spend time with. However it is for very good reason, I promise you. I am not a YMMV type gal. It is not in my nature. I would prefer to enjoy my time with lovers that I have commonalities with and attractions to. I most certainly do not want to waste your time if we will not match well, therefore I ask that you please be sure to read through the following to see if you are the type of man I have been longing for.

You do not have pet allergies. While my fur-babies are crated and never seen by clients unless requested, they are around and even while touring in my hotels.

You agree to a temperature check at the door before removing your mask. If the result shows a fever, even a slight one, you agree to canceling the appointment. No cancelation fee is required because of this.

I prefer gentlemen to be between the ages of 35 and 65, although the latter is not a mandatory cut off. As I take great strides to ensure my appearance is everything you desire, I would like you to be dressed in clean, appropriate attire as well.

I truly enjoy the art of the French Kiss. The teasing and pleasing of two people with their tongues in twirling motions of bliss… What is not to love? However, I am a non-smoker, so, therefore, my lovers must be as well. Since no kissing is a deal breaker for me and I can’t lick an ashtray. A gentleman enjoying a nice cigar after a meal or our evening out is acceptable on the rare and special occasion.

I enjoy giving and receiving massages of all types. I have a wonderful professional massage table that is built for comfort and strength. I give an amazing foot massage, therefore, a properly pedicured and manicured lover is a must for me. It does not have to be a professional job, but trimmed clean nails are required.

I am a Canadian gal and while I love to travel and learn about new cultures, discuss religions, and explore the wonders that different ethnicities bring to our world as a whole, my private mistress experience, not to be confused with regular escort services, that I offer can possibly limit the lovers I can entertain. As part of my some of my companionship services evenings outing, dinners, conversations and supportiveness to your personal needs are limited to my experiences with your ethnicity/culture/religion. Since I also host from my private home, sometimes my natural practices may be a hinderance. Therefore I ask my lovers for their ethnic background during my screening. I will inquire more deeply into cultural and religious backgrounds if I feel the need. This is not meant in any way to be disrespectful to you, as in truth, it is quite the opposite. I want to ensure I would be the right possible match and these criteria can play a factor, like religious restrictions on food. Ideally, I naturally get along very well with Caucasian gentlemen with cultural backgrounds of Eastern & Western European, Spanish/Latin and North American. For regular escort services, I’m open to all ethic bathgrounds.

I prefer a masculine/dominant yet non-misogynistic man. I prefer a gentleman who enjoys pleasing a woman as much as I enjoy pleasing a man. I am slightly submissive and wish to explore this more deeply with the right clientele. I enjoy a take-charge man who can draw out sensations and titillations within my body through various means such as orgasm denial, tickle & tease play, bondage, sensory stimulation, exposure stimulation and of course some nice toy play.

I have specific booking requirements that I will not bend on. I understand that my process is not for all men, and if I am being honest, I don’t want it to be. I am not available to all men. I am looking for like-minded gentlemen who want to escape the day and explore a world of erotism and sexuality with me. I prefer to entertain gentlemen in my private residence as it is a very safe, very clean, very modern comfortable home. This is not a sparely staged apartment, this is not a local motel, this is truly a girlfriend experience. Therefore my screening has to be thorough and the information you share really is just quid pro quo to what I am giving in return.

I am interested in entertaining gentlemen who enjoy a more long-term, no strings attached, professional relationship. I believe that over time, a man and a woman can experience much more from each other intimately.  I am not suited for the men who enjoy only one time encounters or quick release encounters. I would like to spend time with a man who truly appreciates the softness of a woman’s body and wants to explore every inch of it. I prefer a confident man who knows that I want to worship him because I choose him to be my lover and not because of the monetary consideration he leaves me later as appreciation to my TLC.

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