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I am glad that you have decided to meet with me. I look forward to sharing the experience with you. To ensure that experience is pleasurable for the both of us, I need to double check that you have read through my entire site. It is very important as it will give you a very real interruption of me, and ensure that we are like-minded. That way we have a better chance at a real chemistry between us.

If you are just looking to contact me for general information, please refer to this page.

Once you have read through my site, you will understand the next part of the process. I require all first-time callers to be thoroughly screened. I understand and respect that privacy is a top priority for many gentlemen and I can assure you, your information is in safe hands. It is used for strictly screening processes but let’s be real, we are looking to be extremely intimate with each other, and we will want to get to know each other on a personal, yet professional level anyway. I am going to know you, your wants and needs and desires. So giving up some minor details about yourself to ensure my conformability I hope is not too much to ask for in return. I want to feel safe inviting you into my personal private home.

There are screening options for you to choose from depending on your needs. I require a real phone number only, no text apps. I also require a companion reference for all appointments. All companion references must be from an escort with active ads or website. In addition to a companion reference you must select ONE of the following:

– Active Online Social Media Account
– Active Review Board Handle {with reviews and posts}
– Employment Verification {preferably by online search only}
– Active LinkedIn Profile
– Second Companion reference

Below is my official Booking form. Please follow all instructions on how to fill it out and ensure it is filled out in its entirety.

Failure to fill out the form correctly can result in no response from me. Please use only one of the pre-approved boards listed.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply, although please note that screening can take up to a week depending on how long it takes to verify your information. For that reason, I suggest booking a rendezvous at least 1-2 weeks in advance for your first time. Repeat clients should have my private communication, so please use that to book. 

FOR ALL CLIENTS: Temperature is taken at the door. You need to leave your mask on until temperature is taken. Fever temperatures will result in a decline of the appointment. This is for my safety and will not be compromised.


Booking Form

Booking Form

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