Tokens Of Appreciation


I have debated about putting this section into my site. However, for some of my regular lovers, it is easier to know ahead of time and yet sometimes awkward to ask, so I have compiled a small list of “gift” ideas to help you. Please remember that your regular visits are truly the best gift I can receive. Should you opt for one of the options below, thank you very much for kind gesture, I can’t wait to show you my appreciation in return.

I don’t fancy jewellery or expensive purses. I also don’t drink so I don’t have a favourite wine, but here are some of the things I do like:

  • Chocolates – I don’t get fabulously full figured from eating apples.
  • Flowers – I love all types of flowers and mixed arrangements are my favourite.
  • Lingerie/Clothes – Torrid, Addition Elle, La Vie en Rose and Stag Shop are my “go-to” shops.  Gift cards only, please.
  • Movies – I love movie passes. I go to Cineplex and Landmark quite often
  • Books – I love to read, I have a Kobo e-reader for gift card purchases
  • Van Houtte Original House Blend K-cups – My favourite coffee and I can never get enough
  • Amazon Gift Cards to
  • Email Money Transfer Tip/Donation to – password “gift”

Please remember that none of the above is expected at all. If you have met me, you will know that I truly do enjoy my time with you personally and that is why I offer for you to continue to return. 

However, if you wish to gift me with something from the above, I certainly wouldn’t hold it against you. Well…… maybe the lingerie, but you get what I mean. 🙂

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