Jenesis by Kurt

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I have had the pleasure of seeing Jenesis regularly for the last year and half.
I haven’t reviewed her as she has many good reviews and is a true Gem to be with.
Every date we have has been different, and always super hot. Some really memorable sessions.
Sometimes I take the lead sometime she does.
It is really awesome!

During many of our sessions while we are in post bliss relaxation we always talk about other scenario we want to do.
So during one of our session we decided to plan a Outcall Dinner date with a room with a Whirlpool.
The date was set and we had everything arranged.
As is was a multiple hour date we could relax and enjoy our time together.
The day arrives and the anticipation is killing me. Before I know it we are sitting on the couch in my hotel room enjoying some wine.
The conversation is always easy with her and at one point she is even recommend other ladies in the industry for me to try.
Off to dinner and again conversation is easy and it is a very enjoyable time. The conversation covered many areas and before I know it we are done and back in the hotel.

Now for the main event. We run the water for the Whirlpool and Jess over does it on the bubbles which is hilarious.
In the tub we enjoy lots of DFK and exploring of each other bodies. It was super hot and I spent lots of times massaging her breast.
More wine and lots of DFK and fooling around. It was hot/sexy and funny as we laugh a lot because we were sliding around so much.

We get out of the tub and quickly shower to get all the bubbles of….more fun in the shower.

We get to the bed and we are now almost fighting to see whom is going to pleasure whom. We both love to give pleasure.

DATY is amazing and she is very responsive. OMG and the taste she was my dessert. As per my request she has brought some toys and I use them to their best. I finally allow Jess to come down a bit as she is shaking. Now it’s my turn to be pleasured and she is one of the best. She kept me on edge the entire time. Lot more fun and I finally couldn’t hold back and exploded.

Laying there afterward we discuss other scenario and future sessions.
Overall an awesome evening with a beautiful/intelligent woman.

I will repeat.


By Kurt On TERB

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