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I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jenesis a couple of times now and I thought I would take the time to post a review, in my standard “better late than never” modus operandi. She has been reviewed many times in the past and always very favorably, so I will add my 2 cents to the pile!!

For anyone pondering a visit, here is the Cole’s notes need to know:

She advertises here and the first point of contact is through her website:

There is an initial screening process which I did not find intrusive by any means, especially considering she hosts at her private residence. I can assure you if you are unsettled with the idea, all my dealings with this young lady from first contact to my last visit have been handled with the utmost professionalism and discretion!! I know she expects the same!

Once you have a chance to meet Jenesis you’re in for a treat for sure.

She is a very attractive lady, and she posts pictures regularly here and on her website and twitter. The photos are all accurate and really her so you can quickly get an idea of who you are about to meet.

Getting to the fun stuff…..

I won’t bother trying to give the play by play that I have experienced, but, I would better suggest that If you come to the party with your end looked after (I.e.- you be polite, respectful and for god’s sake with good hygiene) there is no way you are going to want the festivities to end..

There are few true top level providers available, especially as you move away from the downtown core to the burbs so to speak, but, I definitely put Jenesis on this list.

If I have left out details such as rates etc, you will find your answers on the website in this post.

So this I share to the Brethren in the Spirit of Giving!!

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!!


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